Our Services

Listed below are the services provided along with the prices for pipe repairs. In addition to the prices given, there is a $6.00 shipping and handling fee added to each order. Please note that great care is given with each pipe with each pipe received. However, pipes become brittle with age resulting in damage at times. Should this happen, it is the responsibility of the owner. Additionally, breakage of shanks or cracks is at the owner's expense.


Replace Rubber Stem
$14.00 and up
Replace Lucite Stem
$17.00 and up
Long Churchwarden Rubber
Replace Tenon
Plug Hole in Bowl
Refinish Pipe Bowl; Polish and Stain
$15.00 and up
Twin Bore
Rubber Extension
Lucite Extension
Nickel Band
Silver Band
$20.00 and up
Bend Stem Only
$ 3.00
$ 9.00 and up
Crack in Bowl
$15.00 and up
Top-off Bowl
Bend and Tighten, Sand, Stain, and Refinish Bowl
Convert to Push-in Stem
Clean, Reem, Buff, and Wax
$10.00 and up
Bend and Tighten Stem Only
$ 5.00


All pipes are repaired and returned within 1 to 2 weeks. Please send the complete pipe for all repairs.

Do not send just the stem.